Kim. 24. Mexican. BA in Psychology. Taken by my incredible Girlfriend. Promised my girlfriend I'd follow her across the world, and I did. Currently living in Brisbane, Australia after trekking all the way from South Florida, USA. Proud Bat Rescuer
Sports obsessed:
- Atlanta Braves
- Miami Dolphins
- Miami Heat
- Brisbane Broncos
- Queensland Maroons
- Real Madrid
- Socceroos
- SuperWhoLocked
- Harry Potter
- Glee
- Grey's Anatomy
- Modern Family
- True Blood
- Hunger Games
- Orange Is The New Black
The Girlfriend & I: [Just remember, she is ALL mine]

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11th March 2014

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How beautiful is she?

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    Ventracles and a cats-I eye, jewellicaeious! Were may we achieve manicure (but on a face, so is a face-cure) for get US...
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